Buildings are built for a lifetime. We should make decisions that further the long-term plan set forth for Woodstock by Woodstock residents. We should be:

  • Filtering development decisions through the comprehensive plan, which was developed with significant public input
  • Upholding our historical standards, particularly when the criteria lead in that direction
  • Giving developers a fair shake - and providing variances when they are merited

Colin has a track record of evaluating developments fairly from his time on Planning Commission.


Parts of Woodstock are already pedestrian-friendly, and our trail system has been great for the neighborhoods it touches. There's a long way to go before we can traverse Woodstock on foot or by bike, so we should work for:

  • Pedestrian-friendly intersections to allow families and seniors to easily traverse Woodstock on foot.
  • Sidewalks and trails to connect major population centers to Downtown Woodstock
  • Streets and intersections designed for pedestrians first

Colin's experience with Greenprints Alliance will aid him as he works for pedestrians.

data-driven policy

As Woodstock continues to grow, it should seek to benchmark policies against cities that have experienced a similar growth trajectory. Specifically:

  • Policy comparisons in and around land use / development, working to maximize our next development cycle for long-term sustainability
  • Embracing a data-driven decision making process throughout the City
  • Being forward-leaning in how we collect and use data to achieve our goals

Colin pledges to seek out experienced, data-driven input that will serve Woodstock in the next decade.


Guiding Principles


The first step to an accountable government is making sure your elected officials are accessible. Colin makes his personal contact information available so he's only a phone call away.



You shouldn't have to file and pay for open records requests to find voting records. Once elected, Colin will track his votes online so that you can see what is happening in your local government.


Transparency leads to accountability. You deserve to know where money changes hands in local politics. Colin pledges to keep an online ledger so you can see all financial activity in his campaign, going beyond state reporting requirements.

Donations Returned

At the end of every campaign, Colin will return, proportionally, leftover funds to those generous enough to contribute. This creates an even playing field for candidates in future elections. War chests shouldn't have a place in local politics.


Colin has served Woodstock for years in several roles. His continued investment into this city demonstrates his commitment to this community. He will continue to serve in the future.


As Woodstock continues to expand, I will work to ensure that growth serves everyone who chooses to call Woodstock home.
— Colin Ake